At Fuel Up Fresh, we understand that being the best team on the planet takes more than just talent. It is a perfect blend of talent, trust, teamwork, and a shared vision. It’s that little added effort, a splash of extra and unexpected, that elevates everything we do.

Our foods are authentic and fresh, served up with a helping of neighborly banter from our dedicated and high-energy team. We are looking for outgoing, hardworking, friendly, and responsible individuals who believe in:

  • Serving high quality, fresh products with energy and a sense of urgency
  • Serving customers personalized products in a clean, warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Working with and serving others
  • Being a part of a bigger whole and having the desire to give back to our community
Careers at Fuel Up Fresh

Join a Culture of Giving

Help Nourish. Help Flourish.

Everything about the Fuel Up Fresh culture revolves around our commitment to our customer and to the community. It is why we care so much about the quality of our food and the level of service in our restaurant. It’s why we get involved in local causes. It’s why we choose a local business to support every month. Integrating into the community is an essential part of our success.

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Veggie Sandwich
Holiday Featured Bowl
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Espresso Shot
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